How (Not) To Be Charismatic

I had an epiphany.  Charismatic people ultimately want other people to like them.  Charismatic people, in theory, will have have better paying jobs and more friends.  I am, lets face it, not going back to the job market in any traditional sense.  I mean, I write because I can do it alone, on a sofa, in slippers, whilst eating Skinnypop. 

Things No One Tells You About Your Forties

Remember all the talk about "forty being the new thirty?"  Jennifer Aniston affirmed her forties were her best decade yet, as she shimmied into her down dog, promising us eternal youth and beauty.  I remember Oprah-effing-Winfrey telling me on her fiftieth birthday that she had never looked better.  It was everywhere!  Madonna was still dating children … Continue reading Things No One Tells You About Your Forties