TFMF (Total F*ing Mom Fail)

Mwahahah.  I emailed my friend, the one with the starving children.  1) If you feel like you are failing, because your kids are nice, chin up, I sent my kid to school with dog biscuits for lunch.  2) If you want to stop the marauders from taking your kids food send them to school with dog cookies disguised as human cookies one day.  3) Your girls are nice, kind and empathetic, you aren't failing.

How (Not) To Be Charismatic

I had an epiphany.  Charismatic people ultimately want other people to like them.  Charismatic people, in theory, will have have better paying jobs and more friends.  I am, lets face it, not going back to the job market in any traditional sense.  I mean, I write because I can do it alone, on a sofa, in slippers, whilst eating Skinnypop.